Frederick Davies — REIGM Group @ MPIA

Curriculum Vitae

Selected First-Author Publications

"Constraining the Gravitational Lensing of z ≳ 6 Quasars from their Proximity Zones"
     Davies, F. B., Wang, F., Eilers, A.-C., Hennawi, J. F. (2020), ApJ Letters, in press (arXiv:2007.15657)

"Ionization bias and the ghost proximity effect near z ≳ 6 quasars in the shadow of proximate absorption systems"
     Davies, F. B. (2020), MNRAS, 494, 2937

"Time-dependent behaviour of quasar proximity zones at z ∼ 6"
     Davies, F. B., Hennawi, J. F., Eilers, A.-C. (2020), MNRAS, 493, 1330

"Evidence for Low Radiative Efficiency or Highly Obscured Growth of z > 7 Quasars"
     Davies, F. B., Hennawi, J. F., Eilers, A.-C. (2019), ApJ, 884, L19

"Quantitative Constraints on the Reionization History from the IGM Damping Wing Signature in Two Quasars at z > 7"
     Davies, F. B. et al. (2018), ApJ, 864, 142

"Large fluctuations in the hydrogen-ionizing background and mean free path following the epoch of reionization"
     Davies, F. B. & Furlanetto, S. R. (2016), MNRAS, 460, 1328

Selected Co-Author Publications

"Probing Reionization and Early Cosmic Enrichment with the MgII Forest"
     Hennawi, J. F., Davies, F. B., Wang, F., Oñorbe, J. (2020), submitted to MNRAS (arXiv:2007.15747)

"Pōniuāʻena: A Luminous z = 7.5 Quasar Hosting a 1.5 Billion Solar Mass Black Hole"
     Yang, J., ... Davies, F. B. et al. (2020), ApJ, 897, L14

"Detecting and Characterizing Young Quasars. I: Systemic Redshifts and Proximity Zone Measurements"
     Eilers, A.-C., ... Davies, F. B. et al. (2020), ApJ, 900, 37

"A Significantly Neutral Intergalactic Medium Around the Luminous z = 7 Quasar J0252–0503
     Wang, F., Davies, F. B. et al. (2020), ApJ, 896, 23

"Inhomogeneous Reionization Models in Cosmological Hydrodynamical Simulations"
     Oñorbe, J., Davies, F. B., Lukić, Z., Hennawi, J. F., Sorini, D. (2019), MNRAS, 486, 4075

"The Evolution of the HeII-Ionizing Background at Redshifts 2.3 < z < 3.8 Inferred from a
Statistical Sample of 24 HST/COS HeII Lyα Absorption Spectra"

     Worseck, G., Davies, F. B., Hennawi, J. F., Prochaska, J. X. (2019), ApJ, 875, 111

"The Structure and Dynamics of the Subparsec Jet in M87 Based on 50 VLBA Observations over 17 Years at 43 GHz"
     Walker, R. C., Hardee, P. E., Davies, F. B., Ly, C., Junor, W. (2018), ApJ, 855, 128

"An 800 million solar mass black hole in a significantly neutral universe at redshift 7.5"
     Bañados, E., ... Davies, F. B. et al. (2018), Nature, 553, 473

"Radio Imaging of the Very-High-Energy γ-Ray Emission Region in the Central Engine of a Radio Galaxy"
     The VERITAS Collaboration, the VLBA 43 GHz M87 Monitoring Team (Walker, R. C., Davies, F., Hardee, P. E., Junor, W.,
     & Ly, C.), the HESS Collaboration, & the MAGIC Collaboration (2009), Science, 325, 5939